Reconditioning Services

We recondition all makes and models of football helmets including Schutt, Riddell, Adams, Xenith, Rawlings, Champro, and All-Star.

  • Painted Reconditioning– New paint color or effect of your choosing, recertification inspection, complete reconditioning with new stainless steel hardware.
  • Buffed Reconditioning– Polished finish on existing color, recertification inspection, complete reconditioning with new stainless steel hardware.

We offer services to clean, sanitize, and repair shoulder pads as well!


How do we do it?


Upon arrival to Gridiron’s reconditioning facility,  we confirm your equipment count, check for rejected helmets, and note damage to any facemasks. Your team’s check-in summary is available to you at your request.


After all of your helmets have been checked in, they are stripped down to the shell. The facemasks, snaps and hardware are all removed, as well as all exterior stickers and internal padding. This process allows for our team to check each helmet for cracks and unusual wear and tear to the shell of the helmet. All of the internal padding is sent to our laundry station where it will be cleaned, sanitized, and treated to eliminate odor.


Once all of the components of the helmet have been removed, the shells are sent to the prep station. Here, the shells are buffed to remove the glue left behind by decals, stripes, tape residue and stickers. Molded helmets are then sent to a polishing wheel for shining while helmets that are to be painted are sanded, scuffed and prepared for the painting process. Additionally, facemasks are scrubbed clean and touched up to disguise superficial damage. Severely scarred masks are sent to be re-dipped or may require complete replacement if bent.


Gridiron Sports takes great pride in the quality of our painted helmets. Using only approved paints; helmets are painted by hand and receive several coats for the highest quality finish possible. Each helmet is first primed to prevent chipping and peeling of the paint upon collision. Next, we apply the color and finish of your choice. The last step is to apply a clear coat to all non-matte finishes. This last step provides an extra shine and gives protection to the paint job. Multi-color designs are available!

Our painter at work!

Test Lab

Gridiron Sports uses the NOCSAE drop test system provided by Southern Impact Research Center to simulate the impact experienced by players during collisions. Any helmet that fails to meet the NOCSAE standard is rejected and removed from the reconditioning process.



A recertification label is placed on the inside of each helmet stating that the helmet meets the NOCSAE standard. Each helmet is visually inspected once more and a warning label is applied to the outside of the helmet.


New stainless steel hardware is installed on each helmet. The clean and sanitized padding of the helmet is returned. Any defective padding is replaced with original equipment manufacturer parts. Lastly, the facemasks are reattached using new, manufacturer specific cage clips.

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